viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Stairs to no end

Stairs to no end
"Cada pregunta es una escalera, cada una respondida, un salto.
No hacer preguntas es vivir la vida dormido"

When I was just a little girl I asked my father
what it feels like to be dead.
He said: "Do not question. Go play outside instead."
I always questioned, to my father's dismay.
My questions annoyed him, always got in his way.
One day he told me: "You're thinking too much. stop asking, give simply being a try."
"you're life will be better when you don't ask why."
My uncle traveled, we were often apart.
When he returned home it pleased my heart.
He said every question is a stair, each one answered a leap.
Not to ask questions is to live life asleep.
I can't seem to forget that night when my father and I discovered the light.
As we entered the house he put on a show.
"Family and friends, we were wrong all along."
"We must change our ways. We must make our life right."
"It will make us all strong if we believe in the light."
Then he called all us children, correcting our path.
"No more schooling," he said, "no history, no math."
"There's no need for all that. You just stay where you are."
"You're innocence will take us all very far."
And to me it made absolutely no sense! But my father explained, "When you sacrifice...
...the great light see you as worthy of its price."
"But if you won't listen, won't do as you're told, The air that surrounds you will turn black and cold."
"Dark monsters will haunt you and then with a spark, forever you will be lost in the dark!"
Left alone I decided I had a task. I could not give up freedom, the freedom to ask.
And father kept preaching to the masses of crowd
"Believers - Shout your beliefs out loud! Surrender yourself to the will of the light."
"Have do doubts, no fears, no questions, no fight. Obey here and now and you won't be ignored."
"In the life that comes after, you will get your reward."
Falling down, as did day, but I knew even then, I had to see the light in my uncle again.
And back where I started I turned to the glare.
It was open and endless. It was mine if I dare.
The search itself was my truth, all the wounds it could mend.
I then began climbing the stairs to no end.

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